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About me

I have Asperger's Syndrome and I tend to be rather... super-critical, so please don't be too offended by some of my opinions. However, I actually do post positive comments and criticisms, more often or not in the territories I'm accustomed to.

Occupation: Artist


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Benny And Joon review

Posted : 1 year, 6 months ago on 2 June 2015 09:52 (A review of Benny And Joon)

Up until now, I knew Benny & Joon for 3 things: the fact that Johnny Depp is in it, the use of The Proclaimers' "500 Miles" as the intro and closer to the movie, and having a higher rating on Listal and IMDB than Little Shop of Horrors (you know how much I love that movie). This naturally piques my curiosity, so I decided to give it a chance.

With all honesty, the movie bounces between what I would expect and what I wouldn't. Joon (Mary Stuart-Masterson) 's schizophrenia is played on both ends of the comedy-drama spectrum, although it isn't like any schizophrenia I've ever witnessed, and I may actually have it myself. Benny (Aidan Quinn) has at least one or two moments that would put him in competition with Charlie Barkin, but much like that cartoon German shepherd, he has a heart of gold. And Sam (Johnny Depp) may be the glue that holds this movie together; this movie would have been a complete chore to watch without him because he is in the best parts of the film.

This movie will take a while to sink in for me, but I will give it an accurate rank that I can think of.

Rating: 7/10

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A "gem" of a movie

Posted : 1 year, 6 months ago on 2 June 2015 09:50 (A review of Romancing the Stone)

Before directing classics such as Back to the Future and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (and the creepy motion-capture flicks), Robert Zemeckis directed this "hidden gem" that took me by surprise.

A passionate romance writer named Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) seeks out to find her kidnapped sister in Cartegena, Colombia. However, she accidentally takes the wrong bus thanks to the kidnappers. Fortunately, the fearless Jack T. Colton (Michael Douglas) arrives to help her while he seeks the valuable jewel El Corazon before the criminals do. The moment I see Kathleen Turner act like how fanfic writers act, I know what I'm in for. Speaking of, the protagonists are quite likable, and you want to relate to them. It's also fun and thrilling. I actually recommend that you see this for yourselves!

My rating: 7.5/10

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The Swan Princess review

Posted : 1 year, 11 months ago on 4 January 2015 12:13 (A review of The Swan Princess)

The Swan Princess is another movie reviewed by The Nostalgia Critic that piques my curiosity. It looks like one of those movies that I would have grown up with, and if I had, I probably would have been very fond of it at a young age. Otherwise, it's on the good side of meh overall.

The animation resembles that of a Disney or Don Bluth film, and may have been intended as such. However, the movie itself doesn't have as much depth as either, or at least as much as Disney or pre-1994 Don Bluth. It also goes between playing the story straight or being a parody, which I do not mind, but it should really just pick one and stick with it, while retaining some of the comedy if played straight. Apparently, some people don't mind either because this managed to have a cult following that spawned a few sequels, all of them by the same director as the original.

Calling this "Diet Disney" isn't too far off, but at least the animation is good.

My rating: 6.5/10

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The Adventures of Milo and Otis (The Adventures of Chatran) review

Posted : 2 years ago on 30 November 2014 02:19 (A review of The Adventures of Milo and Otis (The Adventures of Chatran))

The subject of this review has quite an interesting history. I'm sure you all remember The Adventures of Milo and Otis, didn't you? I've seen it at least twice when I was a kid, and pretty much forgot about it until The Nostalgia Chick's review of it. Now, all of you bear with me because that review has uncovered some horrifying truths that I will reveal to those who find out from me first.

To begin with, this movie was originally a Japanese film called "Koneko Monogatari", which translates to "A Kitten's Story", and focused more on Milo, or rather, Chatran. Also, there are some poetic segues from a female narrator, as well as more intense scenes such as where the pug Puusuke, or Poosky (a.k.a. Otis), gets into a fight with a bear, and sadly, a calf becomes stillborn and almost gets eaten by crows. ... So, it seems I can't put this off any longer: Chatran was portrayed by several cats (only one played "Milo"), and... some of them... died when this movie was made. But to be fair, you could tell that the cats were different by the colors of their eyes. Some had brown eyes, others had grey, but they were all brownish-yellow tabbies. I am a rather hardcore animal lover, but it's best not to consider the cats' passings to be in vain because either way, this is still a good movie. In fact, it must have been so good that it had a video game adaptation for the Famicom (the Japanese NES)!

Naturally, because of these facts, Columbia took out the more intense parts, and you all know the dub we know today. The dub is at least partially faithful, but it's a little cheesy and makes it a somewhat different movie, yet it gives Puusuke/Otis more focus and it's still enjoyable overall. Although personally, I liked the original better for giving some room to breathe.

Well, whichever version you prefer, and despite what happened to those cats, it bears repeating: it's still a good movie.

My rating: 7.5/10

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Rock-A-Doodle review

Posted : 2 years ago on 22 November 2014 08:36 (A review of Rock-A-Doodle)

I am aware that Rock-A-Doodle is a stupid movie to several people who have saw this, but I'm still curious.

Completed in 1990, but not released until 1992, this is a story about a rooster named Chanticleer (voiced by singer Glen Campbell), who has the duty of crowing so that the sun would shine. But when the Grand Duke of Owls (Christopher Plummer) arranges a literal cockfight that Chanticleer swiftly triumphs, the sun rises without Chanticleer's crow. That makes him a laughingstock and he leaves for the city.

The story is apparently pre-written in the movie's universe since we also get to see Edmund being told the story by his mother when a horrible rainstorm ensues at their farm. And said universe apparently lacks a fourth wall because Patou the dog seems to live with him, and GDO turns Edmund into a kitten with a magic breath mint. As the group searches for Chanticleer in the city, Chanticleer adopts the moniker "The King" (as in Elvis Presley) and performs, while the owls try to stop our heroes.

You might think that the story makes no sense due to the sun "rising" without Chanticleer crowing, but maybe in this world, roosters have the power to control the weather as opposed to the sun itself? Also, when I said I was curious about the movie, it's because that Ellen Greene (yes, Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors) voices Goldie the pheasant chorus-girl. Speaking of, the singing voices by Campbell and Greene are probably the best part of this movie.

If this looks like something that your kid brother/sister, son/daughter, or nephew/niece would enjoy, then go ahead and rent it. Otherwise, no normal person would be able to grasp this.

My rating: 6/10

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Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction review

Posted : 2 years ago on 8 November 2014 09:13 (A review of Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction)

I have said before that Generation 6 might be the best generation of Pokemon (or at least the X Version). I can't say the same for the anime, though, but I will vouch for the movies.

After the disaster that was the Genesect movie, this movie was a great improvement over it. Diancie is lovable, and I actually do feel for the protagonists here. The movie is right up there with the Zoroark movie.

My rating: 6/10

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Is Mrs. Doubtfire Really That Good?

Posted : 2 years, 3 months ago on 11 August 2014 11:55 (A review of Mrs. Doubtfire)

Due to the passing of Robin Williams, I have decided to write a review for one of his most well-known movies, Mrs. Doubtfire. What do I think of this movie? Well, I am going to be quite honest with my review, so if you don't like the review, I understand.

Mrs. Doubtfire focuses on Robin Williams' character Daniel, a loving father with 3 children, the youngest played by Mara Wilson. For the heck of it, he throws his son a birthday party. Said party had a petting zoo rental, which was illegal to have at their house, and there's also a huge mess. It makes Daniel's wife Miranda (Sally Field) so upset with him that she demands a divorce. Okay, so the party made a huge mess, but I think it's a rather frivolous reason for splitting up. Anyway, Daniel, now left alone, plans to visit his kids whenever he wants by disguising himself as a British nanny, the eponymous Mrs. Doubtfire. While this is happening, Miranda starts dating some Jefferson D'Arcy clone.

Okay, honesty time. Yes, this is a funny movie, and it can get heartwarming at times. However, I find Miranda to be a little too selfish half the time until the end, but thankfully, she's written as some sort of Defrosting Ice Queen, so there's no contempt towards her, and you actually feel sorry for her almost as much as you did for Daniel. I also like how realistically the kids are written, and that they were more sad than bitter about the idea of their parents breaking up. With all honesty, this isn't as great as what people think, but it's still a good movie, at least in its own merit. =)

My rating: 6/10

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story review

Posted : 2 years, 5 months ago on 28 June 2014 08:53 (A review of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story)

Contrary to what the website FantasyAnime thinks of Sailor Moon: Another Story, I actually quite enjoy this game. At least it isn't as boring as the Tenchi Muyo! RPG, which is sad because the use of voice clips is really good...

Much like the aforementioned Tenchi game, this one also uses voices from the anime. It also combines the story-lines of both the manga and the anime, giving an interesting alternate continuity. Heck, I would consider this to be the finale after the events of Sailor Moon S, which is where it takes place hence the Outer Senshi being there. The graphics are typical RPG graphics on a 16-bit system such as the Super Famicom/Super NES, but to be fair, they are still nice to look at.

If you are a Sailor Moon fan, then I recommend this game. You can find it on FantasyAnime in ROM form.

My rating: 8/10

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey review

Posted : 2 years, 6 months ago on 26 May 2014 02:56 (A review of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey)

34 years ago, we had Cosmos, a TV series that fascinated people with thorough scientific evidence while showing impressive visuals. Today, we have a reboot in the form of Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, and it makes me wish I had watched the original because this version is actually quite breath-taking.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a great host much like Carl Sagan was, the visuals are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and the animated segments focusing on historical figures were pretty good, too.

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey is without a shadow of a doubt the best new TV show to have aired in 2014.

My rating: 9/10

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We Are One... with mixed feelings towards this

Posted : 2 years, 6 months ago on 24 May 2014 01:30 (A review of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)

From 1994 to 2007, a handful of movies have had direct-to-video sequels, starting with Aladdin. Most of the direct-to-video Disney sequels were reviled by those who loved the first movie, while the rest were either liked by fans of the original or were given neutral opinions. The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, in my case, would fall in the latter category.

After the events of the original movie where Simba has defeated/dethroned Scar and became king of the pridelands, he and Nala had their daughter Kiara. She is adventurous like her father, but he warns her not to interact with the lions that were banished for siding with Scar. One of them is Kovu, who is told that his destiny is to follow in Scar's paw prints, but instead, Kovu and Kiara fall in love, which did not sit well for Simba (at first), but Mufasa's spirit tells Rafiki that Kiara and Kovu are destined for each other.

This is not a bad sequel, but it isn't a good one, either. Some of the songs are nice, but they aren't as good or memorable as the ones from the first movie. And while that had some sad moments, this movie can be absolutely DEPRESSING at times (as well as kinda complicated). So... no, I don't recommend it.

My rating: 6/10

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Hope your holidays have been filled with joy, lady!
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It's already been fixed, and I added a clip for Little shop of horrors (A movie I never saw by the way !!)

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